Software and Hardware Engineer Software and Hardware Engineer

Software and Hardware Engineer

I am a software and hardware engineer. I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering, a Minor in Computer Science, and a Minor in Applied Mathematics. I am currently employed at as a Developer Support Engineer.

I have been designing and developing complex software systems since I was in high school. I have also been designing and constructing electronics in that time frame as well. Please review my resume for details.


NetBoot is an appliance style software solution to managing large numbers of identically-configured hosts. Each host is configured to boot off the network using the netboot server as a boot-SAN. The key strength of the software is in its ability to dynamically provision and re-provision hosts with minimal administrator involvement. See More.


VbShell5 is a custom command prompt that uses the VBScript ActiveScript language as it's interactive language. It has built-in multithreading capabilities and remote access/remote control features as well. It supports sharing sessions and loading files from local or web sources. It can be used with any language and can be used as an internet broadcast server as well with its over-powered asynch IO core. See More.


MediaSys is a suite of programs designed to facilitate better control of the audio/visual experience. It is composed of many modules including audio-file playback, radio tuner control, TV-tuner card control, recorded video playback, and real-time streaming of all modules. See More.


Pop3ToSmtpGateway is a service that periodically polls a Pop3 mailboxes looking for new messages that are then forwarded to a designated SMTP server. It is multithreaded, fully-asynchronous and highly fault tolerant to enable use on unreliable network connections. See More.


PowerSwitch is a combination hardware/software program. The hardware is a TRIAC based electronic switch that is driven by the serial port. The software part is a program that communicates with the hardware via the serial port to switch the TRIAC on or off based on the application. See More.